Power Play 60min Strategy Call

Power Play 60min Strategy Call

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The Power Play Intensive is a 1 Hour Accelerated training designed to help to develop a winning strategy for you, your brand, and your upcoming projects.


Whether you have specific questions that you need answered, or if you need help developing an effective strategy to reach your goals, this 1 hour 1-on-1 session will be packed full of information to help you maximize you potential AND profit.

Each session is catered to your specific needs, but here is an idea of :

  • Discuss any areas of weakness or questions that you have
  • Review both business and personal financial goals. 
  • Review your daily lifestyle and business practices, and how they can be adjusted to help you win.
  • Discuss your 12 month forecast for your business
  • Layout a detailed 90 day strategy executing everything we discuss in your meeting -

........... just to name a few things.

Sessions are held virtually, via video call.  After your purchase, you will receive a follow up email to set up a date and time for your session. 

*Sessions can also be broken up into 2 calls if needed.