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This is coaching plan for new existing business owners that would like consistent help and guidance as they to take their current business endeavor to the next level.

This package is ideal for those who:

  • Would like on going support to launch a project(s), and/or propel their brand.
  • Are looking to diversify and multiply their income and streams of revenue within their brand.
  • Grow their following and expand their influence
  • Have specific needs or areas of weakness that they need coaching in.


This package includes:

1) A brand audit: A detailed analysis of what you have currently built; Including but not limited to your business structure, brand image, websites, and all social media accounts.

2) 60-90min initial brand consultation where we will discuss your strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

3) A brain dump session to get all of your ideas out and develop a brand map.

4) A 90-day strategy of immediate execution to shift your brand and make immediate changes.

5) A 6-12 month forecast for you and your business.

6) 90 days, 6 months, or 12 months of on-going support and coaching to help execute your winning strategy.  This includes unlimited email support, regular conference calls and meetings, assignments, accountability, and more.


ALL packages include lifetime email support.

Just like a coach trains and prepares their athletes to win, then stands on the sideline cheering them as they race for victory, I will be here doing the same for you.
I can't wait to work with you!