Entrepreneur. Author. Speaker. Visionary.

“A vision of substance will always outlive the visionary.  There are some things that may die with you, but your goal as a visionary should be to create something that will live beyond you.”

- J.Renee, True Confessions Of A Visionary 

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Meet J.Renee


My name is J.Renee, and I am an entrepreneur, author, and speaker that is passionate about inspiring and motivating people to maximize their potential.  I use my voice, my gifts, and my businesses to invoke transformation in every life I have the opportunity to encounter.  

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I am a transformative, itinerate speaker that has graced stages all over the country, big and small. My use of candor, transparency, and my passion for teaching has allowed me to be effective in sacred, secular, educational, and even corporate arenas for over 12 years.


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