Meet J.Renee

“I don’t believe in taking potential to the grave. When I die, I want to be all used up, and I want every person connected to me to be used up as well.”  - J.Renee

An innovative visionary, charismatic speaker, ground-breaking author, and serial entrepreneur: J.Renee is taking the world by a storm with her drive and passion for seeing transformation in every life that she has an opportunity to influence.


Hailing proudly from the city of Clarksville, TN, both J.Renee and her parents took note of her gifts, dreams, and clear vision for the future at a very young age. After reading a book about child entrepreneurs at the age of 12, a seed was planted that would continue to grow and flourish over the next few years, until she finally gave birth to her first business on the campus of Tennessee State University. Unbeknownst to her, that small business would evolve into an eight year career in the beauty industry, that encompassed J.Renee becoming sought after hair stylist, makeup artist, extension hair line owner, and ultimately a salon owner.


Since ending that phase in 2017, J.Renee has launched into a new season of life where she now more focused than ever on walking in the totality of who God has called her to be, and changing the world through her gifts. 


In addition to being a published author, J.Renee is the owner of Boutique J.Renee, an online clothing store, the founder of The Visionary Academy, which is an online training and resource center for creatives, visionaries, and entrepreneurs. Though a woman of many talents, J.Renee is most passionate about using her voice to educate, transform, and impart into the lives of others. Her heart for teaching, and use of candor and transparency has created a unique platform that allows her to be effective in both sacred and secular arenas. From colleges and universities to women’s conferences, J.Renee travels the country as an itinerate speaker, offering life-changing messages that equip, empower, and propel people into destiny.