Focus Fast - Part 1

Focus Fast - Part 1

Have you been having a hard time focusing lately?  Do you need clarity on your next moves?  Have you not been as productive as you want to be?
Don’t worry.  Me too!
I’ve got something that will help! 

 If you follow me on social media, you may have seen my recent posts about the focus fast that I have decided to do, and I’d like to invite you to be apart!  I realized much of the reason why I had been having a hard time getting things done, struggling to get clarity on my next steps, and why I have not reached some of my goals, is because I have been extremely distracted. I knew the answer to my problems wasn’t going to come by me just saying my prayers at night; it’s going to take a different type of sacrifice!

 So, for the next 30 days intentionally restoring discipline, eliminating distractions, and FOCUSING on what’s important!

Your needs may be different, but I want you to take a moment and write down a list of areas of your life that you want to see a shift in.  I am going to give some guidelines for areas that I KNOW why produce change weekly, but feel free to add whatever else works for you! 

Here are 3 areas to start with this week:

• Take control of your mind and your thoughts.  A lot of what we feel is a result of what we say.  Over the next 30 days, eliminate negative conversation - including what you say about people AND what you say about yourself. 
• Delete overused, negative words like stress, pissed, annoyed, anxiety, worried, etc.
• Start your day with positive affirmations everyday.  Write a list of what you want to feel and the life you want to live, and say those things daily - especially when you are feeling the opposite. 
Ex: I am beautiful. I am walking in purpose.  I am loved.  I am wealthy.  My future is bright! 

• Praying daily, and reading devotionals and/or scriptures daily that build your faith and remind you of your future.
• Tip: Listening to music that reminds me of God’s promises helps me.  I’ll include my Faith playlist in this email! 
• When you are tempted to complain about your problems, replace your groaning with gratefulness and declarations for your future.

Discipline Your Body.

If you can control your flesh, you can control anything.  If your body is out of control, you will be too.  Bringing your body back in is the first step to shifting your life! 
For the next 30 days, commit to making your health top priority. 
• Exercise at least 3 days a week, even if it’s at home
• Eat clean: Eliminate all junk food, candy, sweets, etc.  
• Make self care a priority.  Whether it’s your skin, or your hair, pay attention to what’s going on with your body.
• If you have picked up excess weight, or if you just know you can be better, set a weight loss goal for this month.   Focus on becoming the best version of YOU! 

No matter what day of the week it is, or what day you start on... Commit to making IMMEDIATE changes! Here are so helpful links:

I will be going live periodically throughout this time, so make sure you are following me on FB! 

If you have Apple Music, here is the link for my faith playlist:
Feel free to go ahead and implement any changes necessary now, that I have not listed.
If you know it’s not helping you, it’s hurting you.
Cut ANYTHING that is hurting you, and REPLACE it with things that help you! 

I can’t wait to hear the testimonies at the end of all this! 

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